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Saturday, September 21, 2013 @ 1:34 AM
Field Camp

Looking at this picture, I gotta say... Thank God for all the right decisions I have made in life. Hahaha! Meeting the right guy and putting my fear for dental aside to get those metal fixed on every single tooth. It's honestly the best investment I've made thus far!! (I know I've said this many times but seriously... Everyone should put braces.) Okay, to be fair, it's not as though I have made many investments on myself that come with hefty price tags. Even my education is paid for by my dad. So... Oh well. But I'm definitely paying him back my Uni fees when I start working.

Anyway, the fat boy has gone for his field camp for 3 whole days already. I think a part of me has followed him to the field camp as well, just not physically. I find myself constantly thinking about the possible stuff he could be doing and looking at the sky to check the weather, hoping the skies would stay clear for this period of time. Arghhhhhhh. Not communicating for 6 whole days really pose a challenge for me okay. People who know me well enough should know that I emphasize on getting not instant, but quick replies.

My theory goes like this: If you don't bother to check your phone and reply, then what's your purpose in getting a mobile phone? As the name suggests, it's obviously for portability and accessibility right?! So if you have both, shouldn't you check whatever calls and/or messages you have?

I think apart from Jem (after years of intensive training hahaha), the only person that can match up is Koklulu. Hahaha!

So even though Jem is away, I'm still constantly sending him text messages, because I simply can't help it. Call it the separation anxiety or withdrawal symptoms. I just need to text him, even though I clearly know the fact that I would not be getting any reply from him. I guess that would keep my sanity going for the field camp period hahaha!

Besides my own tactic in making sure that I am still sane, the sweet pea took out time to write a book for me. 6 chapters, one for each day. :')

For an undisciplined person like me, I swear it's damn bloody tough to keep myself from flipping the pages and reading the entire book. It's like... curiosity + desperate moment + excitement all together. But so far, I'm proud to say I'm doing a good job. I've yet to spoil his plan. Hahahahaha!  3 chapters down! 3 more to go!!! :)

Today being the 3rd day happens to be the notoriously known shell scrape day. Don't know how the fat boy is doing, but hope he's doing well! :) I guess he would have read my letter by now. Not boasting, but I think my letter is  the prettiest among all the letters that the recruits have okay!! It's like I deserve getting a Distinction for effort please. Even the paper for the letter was specially chosen. Hahahahahahaha no freaking joke. The paper is jungle-themed with monkey, elephant and I forgot. It's like mitchymatchy?! I even pasted flower stickers, hoping there would be pretty flowers in the real jungle to brighten things up. #wishfulthinking

Oh well... 3 more days to. Technically 2.5 days? I supposed he would be able to text me on the last day right? :( Time need to fly fly flyyyy.

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Tuesday, September 03, 2013 @ 1:53 AM
Favourite Botak

I thought life would be easier after experiencing 3 weeks of separation. Truth to be told, it's not getting easier. :( Okay, it is, to a certain extent. But I'm still suffering from withdrawal symptoms hahaha. I foresee myself getting upset all over again every Sunday. Being needy is part of my human nature. Hehe. Omg really can't wait for you to get over and done with BMT!! Especially the outfield period. Six freaking days without contact. Ain't too sure how am I going to survive, but the only thing I can do is to suck it up. Weekends have never been so precious. Sobz. 

POP SOON PLEASE. And may your hair grow like a pineapple. :) I'll study hard so you better make sure you save enough to bring me on another trip hehehe. Love you! :)

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Saturday, August 17, 2013 @ 2:19 AM
Jem's Enlistment.

Hi Fat Jem,

Never knew this day would come so soon. And I've never thought I would be the one who sent you to Tekong! We have always been taking a step at a time, and we don't really talk about the future. So... Didn't expect that one day I would be so reluctant to let you have your lunch, cos you'd leave me after lunch. I wonder who was the idiot who decided to make lunch a depressing thing.

Farewells are never easy. Even though it's not permanent or long-term, but you have never left me for so long, so it really takes awhile for me to get used to this. Well, 5 days have passed! Yay! The first two days were the worst. I've never felt so upset before. But I'm glad it's getting better! And I'm happy that you're opening up to your bunk mates. :) Inclusive of scumbag Keith. I'm glad he's in the same bunk as you! Even though he's a scum, but ya, you guys will get along well! Haha.

We have 2 more weeks to go before your first book out! Nobody said this is gonna be easy. We have had our ups and downs, but with some faith, I'm sure we can go through this together.

And thank you for sleeping late and waking up early just to talk to me! I know I'm spoilt and needy, so I really appreciate your effort!!

Love you fatty! ♥

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@ 1:34 AM
This is a little late. Drafted it some time ago but I'm only posting it now. 1.5 months after the trip haha. Here it goes! --

Finally got some time to touch on the Bangkok trip! Honestly I'm too lazy, but the thought of reading this years later kinda motivates me! Haha.

Anyway, so here it goes! Despite people telling me countless negative feedback about Bangkok in the recent months, I was still damn tempted to go BKK because I simply love the shopping and food there! My boss said anyone who goes to Bangkok will turn into a bird. Cos all you say is cheapcheap. Well, that was true. Probably a year or two ago. But everything seem to be changing in the recent months! :(

But then again... How can a girl ever say no to Bangkok right?

So uhhh... After some whining (and idk...?), Jem agreed to bring me to Bangkok! Hehe. Love you! Even though you suck cos I can't understand how you can actually not think of buying a data card in PH. -_-

After some discussion, we decided to book the flight to Bangkok via Jetstar on the 28th June, which happened to be my last day of work. So I had the freedom to do anything! Jetstar wasn't the cheapest among the budget airlines, but I would say it was the most valuable, taking the flight timing into consideration.

Booked hotel on the 29th.


Everything was soooo last minute. So I didn't even bother to tell people I was flying. Even Shiyao found out I was in Bkk through Instagram. And not even my mum. Oh well!

Took the earliest flight available to the Land of Smiles Scammers because we wanted to make full use of the Sunday. SUNDAYYY. Chatuchak yo!

Hehe morning faces.

Anyway, the trip was so last minute so everything was more costly than what would have cost if we were to book earlier. Surprisingly the air ticket was quite reasonable! But anyway, we just wanted to cut cost in the proper way, not the cheaponana way. Hence, we opted to have our seats allocated during check in. Guess what? 


Having more leg room space is seriously a good-to-have for a budget flight. Lesser restraints. But then again, I don't have long legs, so I'm fine with the normal + window seats.

After 2.5 hours of vroomvroom in the air, we reached Suvarnabhumi Airport! Major love for the rice snacks there and duty free!! 

Usual procedures, collect baggage and got upset cos bimbo lugagge got scratched real bad and head to the counter to purchase a data sim card. I can't never live without data. *stares*

I urge people who are travelling to Bangkok to use soft-case luggage or older ones. The people there really suck in handling luggage. My luggage was safe and sound in Taoyuan Airport okay!! But suffered from black major oil stains and holes in Thai Airport. (blood boiling) And yes, my sis's bf's luggage was damaged in BKK airport too. Basically, I was whining while I was queuing to get my sim card. Jem tried to convince me that I should not care so much because it's inevitable for a hard-case. So he tried to be a yayapapaya and spun his luggage and gave the I-don't-give-a-shit face until...


You tell me what are the chances of having an identical luggage with someone else... Okay probably quite high, but there must be some form of identification right? But no. Both owners decided to be lazy and not have any tags/ribbons for identification purposes. Jem only knew the luggage was not his when he noticed a different lock. What an epic start to the trip hahaha.

After some trouble, he found the owner and exchanged the luggage with HER. Ya. Imagine we reach the hotel and he realized the luggage does not belong to him, try to open and realize there are bras and panties inside.

Whole drama ended and we took a cab to our hotel.

This is the second hotel thus far that I did not bother to take photos upon checking in. First was the Hotel 81-alike hotel in Zhongli, Taiwan. Hahaha.

Due to the last minute booking, a lot of the hotels that I was interested in were sold out. So that left me with limited choice, especially when we had a budget. Looked through several hotel sites and finally reached a decision to stay at Tango Vibrant Living Place.

Vibrant Living my foot.

I would rather stay in the hotel I stayed previously (further) for a much lower price.

Upon checking in, I was still somewhat satisfied with the place, even though I was kind of upset that we were allocated to a room on the 3rd level. I have something against staying low levels. No rights to be picky since I booked the day before flight. But anyway, everything was still fine. I was super glad the toilet was a pass for my standard. HAHAHA. I have really really high standards... I'm quite a pest when it comes to picking hotels cos I can't stand dirty/old toilets. So if I recommend any hotel to anyone of you, you can trust my judgment. 

But then shitty things start to surface. Such as faulty lights, faulty tv, and... THE ROOM HAS ANTS. You tell me which hotel has ants?! It's not like one or two, but they could be found everywhere. Toilet, bed, tables and etc! Grrr.

Requested to change room on the second day. Got switched to level two. Argh. Opened the door and was welcomed by mouldy/sewage smell. -_- Some lights were still faulty, and there was ants in the room too.

OMFG SERIOUSLY. I have no idea how they could be a finalist in a hotel award by Singapore. Maybe they were good back in 2009. But seriously, I would say don't bother staying in this hotel. Given the price, they are many more others to choose from. Such as Budacco or H-Residence, even though the latter is not located within the Pratunam area.

Okay. But somehow I still survived the 4 days. Probably got immuned to the smell.

Well, back to the first day! After settling in, the hungry monsters decided to grab a quick bite before heading to Chatuchak. Passed by Watergate Pavilion and we decided to settle lunch there since the mall was the nearest to our hotel.

Chester's Grill for first meal in Bangkok. Conclusion: It sucked. 

And then it was CHATUCHAK. Hehehe.

Okay lah, to be honest I was quite disappointed. My loot from there was just pair of flats at 250 baht after bargaining. My friend bought the exact same pair at 200 baht. :( And then... I just had nothing to get from there. I was interested to get some accessories. But I was quoted 180 baht for a pair of earrings and 250 baht for a bracelet. They didn't lie about Bangkok shopping getting more pricey. :(

Badluckbee went to Chatuchak and it rained. When I was there 1.5 years back, it was raining too. Arghhhh.

To sum up my disappointment: It was freaking warm (as usual), hardly anything caught my eye, and I didn't get to buy my coconut ice-cream!!! :(

Totally gave up on that place, and we attempted to proceed to Union Mall.

Here's a snapshot of bimbo Jem blowing his armpits. Heh.

My very first pissy-cab issue started from the time we wanted to go Union Mall from the Chatuchak area. We attempted to walk there cos Union Mall isn't very far from Chatuchak. However, I discourage walking because the traffic sucks. It seemed to me as though there's no proper way of crossing the road to reach Union Mall. But anyway, tried our luck to hire cabs but all rejected us cos they think the distance is too short. GOT MONEY ALSO DON'T WANNA EARN. Stupid or what?!

Majorly pissed off so we decided to go to MBK (which was further) so cabbies would want to send us there. -_-

MBK isn't a mall that I'm very interested in, cos most of the stuff they sell are IT or phone related. But the food in MBK is good though! So overall, it's still worth making a trip there! 

Me, being a typical girl, got attracted to the bunny donut. Hehe. Soooo cheap okay. Like 25 baht? If I never recall wrongly. 

And yes... The foodcourt serves really good local food.

I would order the mango sticky rice w/o fail. Hehehe. This portion for only 120 baht!! In SG, the mangoes served are pathetic.

And my legendary favourite 75 baht pad thai which Jem enjoyed too!! Hehehe.

On the second day, we decided to be adventurous by walking to Platinum Mall, which technically isn't too far away from our hotel, if the traffic facilities were much better. (i.e. traffic lights) On the way there, we met this really nice (or dubious?) lady that stopped us, and asked where we were going. She suggested that we were really lucky because it happened to be Lucky Buddha Day. Apparently, I just googled, and Lucky Buddha Temple is FAKE. So... If anyone stops you, hahaha, you know what to do.

But anyway, we paid 40 baht for a tuktuk ride to the temple and back to hotel. Supposed to be Platinum but I left my phone in the hotel room. :( Almost died from panic cos I thought I had lost it.

Upon reaching 'Lucky Buddha Temple', we were told to go in and look around and pray. But me being me, I'm not a believer and neither is Jem, so we just looked around since we were already there.

If you see this, you know you got scammed. Haha!

Food tip! Platinum Mall basement has really really cheap and good crepes!! There are cold and hot (crispy) which come in sweet and savoury! After having all the cheap crepes, Jem said he's never gonna pay for the crepes in Singapore. Tsk. :( The crepes were only 60-75 baht? Cheap thrills.

Just look at my fat boy with his crepe. Omnomz.

Platinum's foodcourt is pretty good too! So if you wanna find cheap food, you can go there too! They sell favourite quail egg too! It's nothing special. I just like it. Hahaha.

Combed the entire Platinum Mall. And... truth to be told, the stuff there are really getting more expensive. Out of the entire trip, only 2 of my items cost 100 baht. On average, my items cost 250 baht. Highest was 350 baht for a jumpsuit. So don't expect getting really cheap stuff from Platinum anymore.

Poor Jem was tired after walking Platinum 1 with me. Hehe.

Combed Platinum 2, and ya, disappointed once again. But oh well! Managed to catch a glimpse of the rainbow in Red Mango!

Centralworld usually comes together with Platinum Mall in my itinerary cos they are kind of side-by-side. But if you don't mind spending more then perhaps you can go shop in CW as well. The mall is fugging huge. I honestly thought it's a new mall, until Jem told me it's an old mall which they rebuilt due to arson damage, and many people were killed inside. :/

A big mall comes with a wide variety of food. So we were spoilt for choices. Had Sizzler for dinner cos of the salad bar.

I'm a true blue veggie monster.

Look at my floral headband! Hahaha fell in love with it even though it's such a useless item. I guess only Jem would be nice enough to entertain my 'I wanna be a flower girl' nonsense,

Yea... So my loots of the day from Platinum were just these:
 Not fabulous at all! But oh well, I still enjoyed myself at Platinum hahaha! It's the main reason why I wouldn't mind going back BKK.

I'm not too sure if I will be diligent enough to continue posting on Bangkok. But obviously, there were not all. Day 3 to 5 were packed with many many activities too! Hehe.

Thank you Jemmyboy for agreeing to go to Bangkok with me!! Especially when it was so impromptu. Hopefully this year would not be the last Bangkok trip. Even though I spent like a quarter of the time complaining but... I still love Bangkok. Hee.

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